Introducing Team Canada for 2017
2017 Team Canada Roster   Brendan Baumgartner - Edmonton, AB Brett Bulmer - Prince George, BC Jo...

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Team Canada 26 Man Shortlist Announced
EDMONTON, Alta. – Roller Hockey Canada is proud to announce today the top 26 inline hockey players t...

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Roller Hockey Canada announces GM for 2017 National Men's Team
Roller Hockey Canada (RHC) announced today that Kirk Jensen (Edmonton, AB) has been named as the Gen...

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2017 Team Canada Tryout Dates / Locations Announced
Team Canada Identification Camps Traditionally, Team Canada holds several Identification Camps acro...

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Introducing Team Canada for 2017
Team Canada 26 Man Shortlist Announced
Roller Hockey Canada announces GM for 2017 National...
2017 Team Canada Tryout Dates / Locations Announced...

Team Canada Tryout Location and Process Announced


NIHA-Canada’s Team Canada Program attends the annual International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Mens World Inline Hockey Championship and since our return to this event, Team Canada has climbed the ladder each year eventually reaching the pinnacle as 2012 World Champions. Since arriving onto the podium, the Team Canada program has not finished out of the Top 3 at the IIHF World Inline Hockey Championships

2013 – Dresden, Germany – Bronze Medal (3rd)

2012- Ingolstadt, Germany - Gold Medal (1st)

2011 – Pardubice, Czech rep – Bronze Medal (3rd)

2010 – Karlstad, Sweden – 4th

2009 – Ingolstadt, Germany – 7th

2008 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Gold Division 1 (9th – promoted to Top Division)

Each year we receive a number of questions related to Team Canada and specifically the Team Selection Process. In order to assist in clearing up any misconceptions and answer many questions, we are pleased to outline the Selection Process in detail. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Team Canada Eligibility and Selection Process is outlined as follows:

Player Eligibility: 

In order to qualify for potential selection to Team Canada, players must meet the following requirements:


1)Be a minimum 18 years of age


2)Be a Canadian Citizen ( and be able to provide proper citizenship documents ie. Canadian Passport)


**There is no minimal skill level requirement in order for a player to go through the Identification / Selection Process


Selection Process:

Team Canada is selected via 2 processes in order to allow an opportunity for anyone interested to be identified for consideration:


1)Team Canada Identification Camps


2)Unable to Attend Camp Applications (UTA)


Selection Process Details:

1)Team Canada Identification Camps – Traditionally, Team Canada holds several Identification Camps across Canada which are open for anyone to attend and be evaluated by our Team Canada Staff for potential selection to Team Canada.

 In 2014, Team Canada Identification Camps will be held:



Each Identification consists of 2 – 90 minute on floor sessions as well as 1 – 30 minute off floor session which allows players to showcase their skills in front of Team Canada Staff and each player receives a Team Canada practice jersey to keep.

Full evaluations are made based on each players performance at the Identification Camp and consideration will be given for selection to Team Canada based on this information.

**Attending a Team Canada Identification Camp is the best way to be considered for the final roster as you are actually seen by the Coaches/Evaluators**

To register for any of these tryouts, please follow CLICK HERE as well as to download the full Identification Camp Package.

 **Each player attending the Identification Camps will be required to provide credit card information at the time of registering for the Player Registration Fee. (If you are not selected to the team your credit card will not be charged with the fee)

2)Unable To Attend Camp (UTA):with such a vast country plus limited time and resources, it is not possible to hold an Identification Camp in each province. In addition, there are a number of players who are unable to attend an Identification Camp due to where they live, too far from a Camp, still away at University or playing with their ice hockey team in another province/state. In trying to be open and fair to all players, we respect these challenges and provide a process for these players to be considered even if they cannot attend the Camps. To be considered under this item, you must meet the following criteria:


a.Provide written documentation to NIHA-Canada of the special circumstances that do not allow you to attend an Identification Camp.


b.Provide written letters of reference from at least 2 individuals (ideally coaches).


c.Provide a detailed history of your inline and ice hockey background for the last 5 years, including team, league, position, etc.


d.This information does not guarantee a spot on the roster, but is invaluable in assisting the evaluators in assessing the entire list of eligible players.


e.As mentioned above in Item #1, the best way to be considered for the final roster is to be seen by the Coaches/Evaluators. We encourage all players to make every effort to attend one of the Identification Camps.


f.Note: Only legitimate and verifiable reasons for not attending the camp will be accepted. (eg. Out of country for work, school, hockey)




A meeting will be held to go over and discuss all applications and a committee will respond within 72 hours to each applicant with one of the following responses via email:


a)Your Unable To Attend Application must provide an acceptable reason for your inability to attend a Team Canada Identification Camp. You will not be required to attend a camp in order to be considered for selection to the 2014 Team Canada Roster.


b)Your Unable to Attend Application has not provided an acceptable reason for your inability to attend a Team Canada Identification Camp. You will be required to attend a camp in order to be considered for selection to the 2014 Team Canada Roster.


Team Canada Selection Policies:

Team Canada’s final roster which will attend the 2014 IIHF World Inline Hockey Championships in Pardubice, Czech Republic June 1st – 7th, 2014 will consist of:

-12 Skaters

-2 Goaltenders

These players will be selected through the above mentioned processes with the following minimum/maximum roster spot allocations:

a)A MINIMUM of 8 roster spots will be selected via the Team Canada Identification Camp Process and a MAXIMUM of 6 roster spots may be selected via the Unable to Attend Application Process, based on there being 4 Team Canada Identification Camps being held across Canada for selection.

i.If fewer than 4 Team Canada Identification camps are being held, the maximum roster spots which may be selected via the Unable to Attend Application Process will increase by 2 for each camp that is not being held. Ie. If 3 Identification Camps are held, a minimum of 6 roster spots will be selected via the Team Canada Identification Camp Process and a maximum of 8 roster spots may be selected via the Unable to Attend Application Process.

ii. There is no minimum number of roster spots allocated to each camp. (ie. With 2 Identification Camps in 2014, there is no guarantee of 2 players selected from each camp. These roster spots are selected based on finding the strongest players for the team and potentially all 6 may be selected from the same camp)



1) CURRENTLY - Team Canada Identification Camp Online Registration Opens

2)April 18th – Unable to Attend Application submission deadline

3) April 26 - 27 – Team Canada Identification Camps

5)May 1st Team Canada Selection and Roster Announcement

6)May 31 - June 8 – IIHF Men’s World Inline Hockey Championships

State Wars to Celebrate 10-year Anniversary in Fort Wayne!

State Wars Hockey is extremely excited to announce that for our 10 year anniversary, State Wars will be in a new facility called the Lutheran Health Sports Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The facility was built in 2010, is operated by Canlan Ice Sports and houses 3 NHL sized rinks all under the same roof. The Sports Center is fully air conditioned, has a pro shop on site and features a beautiful full service sports bar restaurant called the "Thirsty Penguin" that oversees all 3 rinks, giving families and fans an awesome birds eye view of all games! The Sports Center is also the practice facility for the ECHL's Fort Wayne Komets.

State Wars 10 will be held July 30 - Aug 10, 2014

Langley Hockey House Inline Hockey Joins BCIHA

Welcome to the BCIHA Langley Hockey House.

The Hockey House will be a place where everyone can come and enjoy themselves. And experience a positive growing experience through the game of hockey. Our goal is to offer a safe place to play, along with a well organized and well driven league. The growth of both the games of roller and ball hockey in Canada is needed, and we have the top notch facility to help make that happen. The hockey house offers inline hockey year round with both winter and summer seasons.





NIHA-Canada will be running two online officials clinics in preparation for the upcoming Spring season, which will allow your local RIC’s and local officials receive proper certification and allow them to complete the exam online as well.


This option is especially useful for associations that find it difficult to make it to Provincial Leadership Seminars and/or have smaller groups of officials that would like to complete their certification together.


The Online Clinics will be held:



These clinics will be online and do have video capabilities so we ask all who attend to have a strong internet connection and at minimum have a microphone available so they can participate in the clinic via audio. 


To register for these sessions, please direct your officials to the NIHA-Canada website or provide them with this direct link to the online registration page:


There is no cost for these clinics and participants will be directed to the online Exam once the clinic has been completed.


If there are any questions, please contact me directly!




Thanks everyone